Low Level Laser Therapy in Horses

Laser Therapy, 1 (1): 31-35.

Yamada, H., Kameya, T., Abe, N., & Miyahara, K. (1989).

Nineteen horses mainly with chronic inflammation of tendon and / or ligament that had not responded well to conventional medicine and methodologies, were treated by contact or acupuncture technique using gallium aluminium arsenide (Ga-AI-As) diode laser (10mW, 790nm) without medicament. The treatments were performed every day or every other week, for 20 to 40 s on the affected area or acupoints. Of 19 cases, 12 (63.2%) were cured, five (26.3%) were improved and two (10.5%) were unchanged. It was concluded that clinical application of low level laser therapy, such as contact and / or laser acupuncture technique is non-invasive and not painful for animals and effective in pain suppression and improvement of inflammatory reaction, especially in acute and mild cases.

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