Course Objectives

Each of our courses comprises core laser therapy content covering laser physics, physiological effects, key parameters, generic protocols and safe use. They all offer opportunities for hands-on equipment familiarisation, and include relevant research references and case examples.

The primary aim of the courses is to equip the health care professional with the knowledge and confidence to be able to successfully incorporate laser therapy into their practice, whether they are completely new to laser therapy or in need of a refresher course.

We run open courses and tailored in-house courses so if you are interested in arranging a course in your area or through your organisation, do get in touch.

We always seek anonymous attendee feedback on each of our courses, and although we are always looking for ways to improve, we are pleased to report that they have been consistently well received with excellent evaluation figures - call us for more details.

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Open Course Programme

2022 Lightworks Courses

13 Mar

Medical Laser Therapy Part 1

Full Day

20 Mar

Medical Laser Therapy Part 2

Full Day

03 July

Medical Laser Therapy Part 1

Full Day

10 July

Medical Laser Therapy Part 2

Full Day

06 Oct

Medical Laser Therapy Part 1

Full Day

13 Oct

Medical Laser Therapy Part 2

Full Day

We are constantly updating our training programme, with new courses sometimes being introduced between those already planned, so do check back for new additions, or follow us on facebook or twitter.

Courses cost from £70 to £250 (inc. VAT) depending upon format, timing and relevant society membership status. Most general courses are one-day and most equine courses are two half-days.

* Courses in Gloucester are approved external courses.

** Two half days format over Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

*** Exclusive to those who have already attended a Laser Therapy Course

Accredited Human Courses

We are delighted to continue our popular series of one-day general laser courses in association with the College of Podiatry continues, now with full accreditation. The dates and locations are listed in the Open Training Programme section above.

These courses cover all the fundamentals of laser therapy and are open to all. The case study elements is focused on lower leg examples and College members can currently attend for only £75, accredited practice members for £70, and non-members at £90 (all including VAT), making these exceptional value for money.


Thank you for a fabulous course - lots of learning and lots of fun too!

Elaine Mariani

A very interesting course - would recommend anyone to go on the next one . Met some great people...

Nadyne Kemp

Thank you Omega, for a thorough and thought provoking presentation on LLLT at our Foot Health Practioner's conference with the Alliance this weekend - I'm energised :)

Michael 'FootHealth'
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