How Laser Therapy Helps

Podiatry is perhaps the discipline with the highest proportion of conditions for which laser therapy is relevant and highly effective and with increasingly widespread recognition of the benefits to patient and clinic, we are seeing particularly rapid growth in the use of low level lasers in this field.

Photobiomodulation optimises wound healing and can be used to treat painful conditions including arthritis.

With shorter resolution times and greater cost-efficiency encouraging take-up, the therapy is now moving from being a point of difference in terms of podiatry services offered, to being established as part of the norm in a number of areas.


"I have been using Low Level Laser equipment for 15 years. I find it particularly helpful for complex, difficult to treat and persistent problems unresponsive to other treatments, being effective but painless and with few side-effects. Omega's kit is excellent. Intuitive, reliable. Excellent support"

Mr G Fane, Principle Podiatrist, Leigham Practice
Omega Laser

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