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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been shown to accelerate bone healing, in both human and animal models, particularly in the early stages of repair when high cellular proliferation occurs. It is also demonstrated to improve the strength of bone tissue during the healing process.

Using mostly infra-red wavelengths to irradiate the bone, the therapy increases the activity in bone cells around the site of the repair. It prompts increased osteoblast proliferation, collagen deposition, and bone neo-formation when compared to non-irradiated bone.

Research has been most prolific in the dental field where laser phototherapy has demonstrated significantly improved results in both titanium and ceramic dental implant attachment and in combination with Guided Tissue Regeneration treatment.


Some Relevant Research

Therapeutic outcomes of low-level laser therapy for closed bone fracture in the human wrist and hand

"...comparing the two groups after treatment and at the follow-up indicated significant between-group differences among all of the parameters (p<0.05). Conclusions: LLLT can relieve pain and improve the healing process of CBFs in the human wrist and hand."

Effect of a low-level laser on bone regeneration after rapid maxillary expansion

"...Conclusion: The low-level laser, associated with rapid maxillary expansion, provided efficient opening of the midpalatal suture and influenced the bone regeneration process of the suture, accelerating healing..."

The Influence of Low-Intensity Laser Therapy on Bone Healing

"...Based on the results of the reviewed articles, low intensity laser therapy can accelerate bone healing in extraction sites, bone fracture defects and distraction osteogenesis, provided proper parameters were applied..."

Effects of low power laser irradiation on bone healing in animals: a meta-analysis.

"...While conclusions are limited by the low number of studies, there is concordance across limited evidence that laser improves the strength of bone tissue during the healing process in animal models..."

Computerized Morphometric Assessment of the Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Bone Repair: An Experimental Animal Study

...It is concluded that, under this experimental condition, LLLT increased bone repair at early bone healing.

Enhancement of bone formation in rat calvarial bone defects using low-level laser therapy

...The histomorphometrical evaluation suggested that the irradiated group had more bone-to-implant contact than the controls. The weight percentages of calcium and phosphorus were significantly higher in the irradiated group when compared to the controls, suggesting that bone maturation processed faster in irradiated group.

Photoengineering of Bone Repair Processes

...bone irradiated mostly with infrared (IR) wavelengths shows increased osteoblastic proliferation, collagen deposition, and bone neo formation when compared to non irradiated bone. Further, the effect of laser therapy is more effective if the treatment is carried out at early stages when high cellular proliferation occurs...

Effect of Laser Therapy on Bone Tissue Submitted to Radiotherapy: Experimental Study in Rats

...Laser therapy on bone tissue in rats presented a positive biostimulative effect, especially when applied before or 4 weeks after radiotherapy...
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